Friday, August 3, 2012

Oh, My Photo Heaven ... Edgy Backgrounds!

I first met Linsey and John at a bridal show in Binghamton, N.Y.  And wouldn't you know, they were the lucky winners of one of my engagement sessions through a local auction!  Congratulations!

I love shooting engagement photos because I can get to know the bride and groom prior to their wedding.  Every couple has their own story, and they begin to tell it at these sessions.  

Artistically, choosing the location for these photos is part of the fun as well.  What made this session soooooooooooo fun, is that we stumbled upon a new location.  

For those who know me, you know that I LOVE to shoot edgy backgrounds in contrast to the beauty and elegance of the bride and groom.    We found an old abandoned house and a white brick wall with peeling paint…. Oh my photo heaven!  

To top it off, there was road construction in progress when we met in downtown Binghamton.  Believe it or not, we stopped traffic and grabbed a few pictures in the midst of the construction setting!  

I did have to shoot in between cars passing, but again, it added to the fun of “finding something different” to use as a backdrop.  So this was a perfect session!  Not only did I find new locations, but I had an awesome couple to photograph!   

Thank you Linsey and John for such a fun session, and I know your wedding will be perfect!

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Oh, can this bride TOTALLY rock camo!

Okay, so I have been very neglectful with adding images to my blog, and I have no excuse.  I meet so many awesome people with such great stories - they need to be shared! 

Like Leigh and Matt .... they're engaged!

I recently met Leigh and Matt and instantly like them, so I was excited when they asked me to photograph their wedding.  They also asked if we could shoot their engagement photos at Matt’s family farm.  They own 250 acres and they wanted their pictures taken where he proposed to Leigh.  When I said yes, I had NO idea how fun this shoot would be!  

Leigh asked that we take pictures of the things they love to do together … fish, shoot guns, and hunt.   Thankfully, Leigh told me to “wear flats” because I think we hiked all 250 acres, and it felt like it was ALL uphill (in the full sun no less!).  But spending the afternoon outdoors with views of the streams, plus their company, made for a great day!

Not sure I have ever met a girl who can rock camo as cute as Leigh.   If she looks this good in camo, I can’t wait to see her in her wedding dress!   Congratulations Leigh and Matt!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Floods - When Weddings Go to Plan B!

Wow!  2011 was a year for our local community to remember ... and one some of my brides will never forget! In September, we experienced a 100-year flood, just five years after our last 100-year flood.  The following brides encountered circumstances not even closely matched to "normal" wedding-day stress.

Three brides had to immediately find new venues.  Two of these brides could no longer hold their outside ceremonies (which had been booked a year in advance) and had to scramble to find new indoor sites.  They had to confirm that all their vendors weren't flooded or stranded themselves.  One of the brides relocated her ceremony to her home town south of our area, and guests had to follow the "yellow brick road" into God's country to find the place!  Talk about Plan B!

These brides were pillars of strength and handled their day with class and grace.  I've never seen guests work so hard to give the bride and groom the party of their lives, in order to show their support to the couple during such stressful circumstances.

Look at these pictures ... would you ever have guessed these brides were on Plan B?  Kudos to you all!  To see more of my photos, go to my website at

Thursday, August 25, 2011



Each wedding has a story, and at each wedding something always happens to make me fall in love with my bride. Even though I have known Heather for years, she became one of my coolest brides ever when we started taking pictures at Tioga Gardens. The POURING rain had just let up.  It was about 200 degrees outside (only a slight exaggeration), but it truly was 100% humidity ... with 100%  gnats. And yet, Heather did not complain about the heat - not once. She was awesome. The best part was how her son and daughter just plain made me laugh. Her daughter made a hat from a lily pond leaf, and her son, who SO loved his top hat, was quite the poser.  He actually wore it the entire day and was beyond cute... even playing "peek-a-boo” with it as I was taking formal pictures. Congratulations Heather and Jon!



Friday, August 12, 2011

MY GROOM PLANKED! (Weddings in Binghamton NY, Vestal NY, Owego NY and Broome & Tioga Counties).

  Planking:   A new fad where you lay completely flat on random surfaces, take pictures and post them to your Facebook! 

Some people don't get why planking is fun, but I recently joined my son and his friends as they randomly planked on playgrounds, lifeguard stands, boats, and signs, and now I see why!  I took pictures of their escapade, and it was it was during this adventure that I decided planking is so random...that it is ridiculously fun.  

So recently, when my groom, whom I was told was shy, asked if he could take a planking picture, I went crazy with excitement!  Adam instantly become one of my favorite grooms ever.... and officially my first groom to "plank".  I was so excited!  I kept repeating to the bride's wedding planner, (Maria - from All Occasions by Maria), "MY GROOM PLANKED!".  Then to my surprise, at my wedding shoot the next day, two groomsmen helped one of the bridesmaids plank as she was being introduced with the wedding party! Such random fun!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Brides are having fun with their shoes and I am loving it! Weddings in Binghamton, Vestal, Owego, Broome and Tioga County.

Last season a trend began where brides started to have fun with their shoes - and  i just loved it!  Instead of seeing low, white heels, or even ballet slippers on my brides, I started seeing brides match their shoes with the colors of their bridesmaids' dresses:  High heels, hot pink, black, silver, and purple shoes became the norm.  My favorite pair of shoes were Ed Hardy tattoo shoes!   The trend has continued into this season, and again, I love finding new ways to showcase them!   Recently, one bride even glued blue rhinestones to the bottom of her shoes saying, "I DO".....  Don't be afraid to wear colors, heals, and rhinestones...... it's so fun!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Congratulations Vestal Boys Lacrosse!!

I had the honor of shooting the Vestal Lacrosse Team during their 2010-11 season and kudos to the team…they won the Section 4 Championship, the first time in three years.

To give you a backdrop to these photos, this was one of the only daytime games – with believe it or not – no rain (most games were played under torrential rains and under lights at Hoover Stadium). 

SHUTTER SPEAK:  If you’re taking sports photos of your own children, make sure your shutter speed is above 250th of a second or you will end up with blurry pictures.

Here are a few of my favorite photos from Vestal’s awesome season:

Lynn's "Shutter Speak"

Most photo blogs are used to promote photo businesses, but I thought I would post both images of pictures I take AND offer information on how to take a better picture.   I may change the name of this section, but for now it will be called Lynn's Shutter Speak....So stayed tuned for photo tips and look for Lynn's Shutter Speak in future posts!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Welcome to Lynn Barsigian Photography!

Welcome to my blog!  If you haven't done so already, please check out my website at

Keep checking back here for photography and wedding tips in the future.   In the meantime, enjoy one of my client's fave photos below.